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Bridging Visas and Judicial Review

Commonly, a bridging visa is granted on the grounds that a substantive visa application has been made and is yet to be finally determined. However, that bridging visa does not carry over to encompass a judicial review application. You may be eligible to apply for a bridging visa of the same class if, firstly, your application for judicial review is made within the statutory period of time, that is, 35 days from the date of decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and secondly, you apply for judicial review whilst your bridging visa is still in effect. This is usually a shorter time period (28 days) than the statutory time period for making a judicial review application. If your bridging visa ceases before you make your judicial review application, you will only be eligible for a bridging visa E. So, it’s important to be aware of time periods when pursuing judicial review to maintain your lawful status.

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