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Immigration Lawyers Melbourne

Business Visa Complex Cases

Business Visa Complex Cases, Immigration Lawyers Australia

business visa complex cases immigration lawyers australia
Business visa complex cases, immigration lawyers Australia

Complex Cases with Business Visa, Immigration Lawyers Australia

If you have a complex matter, let Erskine Rodan & Associates help you. We have decades of experience assisting clients with complex issues including:

  • Business Visa cancellation and notices of intention to consider cancellation of visas
  • Impact of character/criminal issues on visa applications/status
  • Impact of health issues on visa applications/status
  • Visa overstayers/unlawful non-citizens
  • Migration offences, including: allegedly working in breach of visa conditions; allegedly presenting false documents or making false or misleading statements; alleged involvement in sham marriages
  • Risk management for, and defence of, companies employing foreign workers, including 457 monitoring, sponsorship obligations and cancellations, sanctions and bars
  • Commercial and/or employment disputes that potentially affect visa status

Business Visa Complex Cases

Such matters are complicated and often require immediate attention, as strict time limits may apply. A single day can make a big difference.

If you have a complex matter, let Erskine Rodan & Associates help you fix an application, call a specialist immigration lawyer right now on +61 3 9329 8744.

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