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Coronavirus Covid-19 update Processing of Australian Citizenship applications

Coronavirus Covid-19 update Processing of Australian Citizenship applications

May 2020

While the current Covid 19 and Coronavirus restrictions are in force traditional citizenship ceremonies will not be held.

However, the Government will hold online Australian citizenship ceremonies via video link to enable people to continue to become Australian citizens during the period of restrictions of Coronavirus pandemic.

The Department of Home Affairs has commenced trialling one-on-one ceremonies for those already approved for Australian citizenship.  First priority will be given to people with an urgent need, who cannot access the internet.

Coronavirus COVID 19 Update – Processing of Australian Citizenship applications

Applications for Australian citizenship are still able to be accepted during this period.  However, citizenship interviews and testing are not being carried out at present.

There are currently 85,000 people whose applications have been approved and are waiting for a ceremony, so it will be some time before this backlog is processed.

Anyone who was previously scheduled to attend a Citizenship appointment or ceremony prior to COVID 19 outbreak will be contacted by the department to make alternative arrangements.

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