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What clients are saying about Erskine Rodan & Associates

Dear Erskine Rodan and Associates,

Thank you for providing a marvellous legal service for Lena’s Permanent Residence application. Your hard work and dedication played important roles in ensuring our company’s and Lena’s successful outcome.

Our company and Lena would like to say a special thank you to Mrs. Christine Rodan. Her expertise and many years of experience are second to none. We wholeheartedly felt that Lena’s case were in good hands under the direction of Mrs. Rodan.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Ms. Cheng Yee Phuah for her constant checking up on all of the documents and the progress of our and her application. Her caring and professional attitude is hard to come by.

Once again, we cannot express in words our gratefulness for having your company as our legal professionals.

Christine Rodan has provided us with excellent guidance with our Partner Visa application. Her advice was extremely helpful and clarifying, which was especially useful with our complex case. She is both very professional and understanding. We recently were granted the Partner visa, and we would like to thank Christine again for her valuable advice. For anyone with questions or issues with their immigration applications, we would highly recommend consulting with Erskine Rodan & Associates.”
Mischka K.
Praise to Christine Rodan for her help and support through the hardest time of my student life. She gave me the most appropriate advice and solved my problem with precise efficiency.”
Afra Y.
Erskine Rodan & Associates are professional and have a never say die attitude. I was treated as if I were human and not a number. They were very supportive in every way. I was absoluetly satisfied in every way, particularly with Erskine Rodan.”
Max T.
I would not be here if I did not meet Christine Rodan at Erskine Rodan Associates. Even though I had difficulties with immigration, I wasted 6 years and wasted over $70,000 with other lawyers before I met Christine. Christine helped me to do a different direction to reach my goal. I obtained business visa within 2 months which enable me to start the business and no wasting any time I finally obtained Permanent Residency. I am so grateful to Christine Rodan.”
Hiromi M.

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