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Talk to Our Melbourne Lawyers About Visa Appeals

Having your visa application refused, your visa being cancelled or losing your case before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal can be harrowing. Here at Erskine Rodan and Associates, lodging visa appeals and reviews with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the FederalCourts is something we thrive on.

Immigration Law in Australia is constantly changing and increasingly strict.We pride ourselves on helping to facilitate clients joining their families, being released from detention, and staying in the country they call home.

At Erskine Rodanand Associatesin Melbourne, we specialise in immigration law and offer the full range ofmigration services,includingworks visas and partner visas – however, more complex visa appeal processes are our area of speciality.

Our Lawyers Handle Visa and Immigration Appeals

If your visa application has been refused oryour visa cancelled, there may still be a number of options for having the decisionreviewed (or “appealed”)at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.Even where you have been unsuccessful at the tribunal level, you may still have other options, including:

  • Ministerial Intervention
  • Appeal to the Federal Court
  • Appeal to the Federal Circuit Court
  • Appeal to the High Court of Australia

Navigating your way through theappeal process is a complex matter, and preparing a successful strategy requires expert assistance. It is also important to note that applications for review are subject to strict time limits for lodgement and judgment, so it is essential that you contact a specialist immigration lawyer immediately. A single day can make a big difference.Our team know that acting quickly ensures a better chance of a successfulappeal, and with years of experience helping people migrate to and remain in Australia, Erskine Rodanand Associates are ready to help.

Erskine Rodanand Associates Are Experts in Immigration Law

Erskine Rodanand Associates have been helping clients turn around negative decisions for decades.Our Melbourne-based lawyers are experts in immigration lawand have many years of experience helping people obtain relevant visas to visit, work, and live in Australia. When you have a question about which visa is right for you, or need assistance appealing a refusal or cancellation, talk to our teamfirst.

To discuss your optionscontact our specialist immigration lawyersin Melbourne on +613 9329 8744.

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