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Immigration Lawyers Melbourne


There is rarely a simple answer to a question about immigration law, and short answers should never be substituted for thorough legal advice. However, some questions are asked more often than others, and this section may answer some of yours. Please bear in mind that every case is different and the answers to these questions will likely vary depending on your individual circumstances.

To consult an immigration lawyer about a question you have, please contact us today.

Why do I need an immigration lawyer?

How do I know which type of visa I should apply for?

What do I do if my visa application is refused?

What happens if I do not pass health requirements?

What are 'Character' requirements?

What conditions apply to my visa?

Can I renew my visa to extend my stay in Australia?

What if my visa expires?

When do I become a citizen/get an Australian passport?

What is the difference between Permanent Residence and Citizenship?

Do you take on all migration cases?

I live interstate/overseas, Can you still help me?

Can you help me migrate to States/Territories other than Victoria?

Do you guarantee success?

Have any other questions?

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